Monday, May 23, 2016

No Residue Steam Carpet Cleaning: The Method Of Choice For Consumers In San Diego

Non Residue Carpet Cleaning: The Most Desired Cleaning Method For Carpets In San Diego

Zero-residue or no-residue carpet cleaning is one of the standards new to the carpet cleaning industry that has become popular and extremely sought after or desired by consumers in order to truly experience a real cleaning effect of not leaving any sticky residues from soap behind on flooring and upholstery fabrics.  If a company isn't cleaning zero residue style, they are not cleaning at max potential!

So, what is the process that doesn't allow any soap cleaning residue to be left behind on the carpet afterwards?

Well, the process is somewhat involved and requires a carpet cleaner to have substantially powerful and upgraded equipment revolving around the latest technology so that it provides them with the max amount of extraction possible.  More importantly, it also requires the carpet cleaner to have a thorough knowledge behind cleaning procedures, what cleaning solutions they need to use, how strong they need to be, and how much to apply on the carpet in preparation for the cleaning process.

A lot of times what many carpet cleaners or companies do is they don't pre-condition or pre-treat the carpet.  Instead, they combine their soap solution with the very water they need to be rinsing and flushing your carpet with.  So in essence, they are cleaning your carpet with full on soapy water and not rinsing it with fresh softened water.  This is exactly why your carpet dries flaky and crunchy, looks dingy, and gets dirty again quickly because the soapy residue they were supposed to rinse out completely ended up drying on your carpet!  And if you’ve ever experienced that type of carpet cleaning service where your carpet dries flaky and crunchy and smells like mildew after the fact, you’ll know that you got a raw deal and now you might have to be battling through a dry gunk that is now a part of your carpet…until your next professional carpet cleaning appointment.

True quality zero residue carpet cleaning is a professional step-by-step process that takes a little longer than 30 to 45 minutes!  Ever wonder why certain carpet cleaning companies you may have hired in the past only took that long??  I'm not bashing on anyone or any company but the short 30 to 45 minute long carpet cleaning sessions have everything to do with commissions and profits.  They pack you guys into their schedules like sardines so they can get as much money as quickly as possible, without any of the ethic, integrity, and honesty in mind that truly makes a company quality!  The quicker they clean your carpet, the dirtier it turns out and the less it truly gets cleaned.  That's not the quality formula for client retention.

Quality is what we provide our customers and clients and ethics are what fuels that.  Make no mistake about it, you will always get the very best, most thoroughly flushed, rinsed, and extracted cleaning possible with exceptionally fast dry times!  Drying carpet as fast as possible is the key here.  The technicians for the carpet cleaning company you hired should be getting your carpet as dry as possible, as soon as possible.  Why?  Because, liquid weighs a lot and when a technician loses control of it and allows it to seep down into the layers of carpeting beneath your actual carpet, then that is when the unsightly spots resurface or wick back up.  This is what hides the dirt and makes consumers believe that their carpet is clean now.  “Wow, all the spots are gone, I can’t believe it!”  Then 3 weeks later or even as long as 3 months later they start to reappear and then boom!, your disgusted and disappointed.  This is what leaves the bad taste in your mouth about our industry.  Hire a true quality professional today that won’t leave you with a soaking wet situation and tons of potentially dangerous soapy residue on your carpet for you to absorb through your skin and make you sick!

If you're in our area of operation, please feel free to schedule your zero residue San Diego steam carpet cleaning with us and prepare to feel truly satisfied with the results we provide you with.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego.  Is Your Carpet Dingy And Dirty?

Brilliant, clean carpets are what makes a home terrific to be in. But, without the experience of the process and service that the carpet cleaning pros provide, keeping your floor coverings looking like new can be a frustrating pursuit. Continue checking out the article below for some terrific recommendations on ensuring your house remains a showplace for friends and family to partake in.

Fast Drying Fans With Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are lots of San Diego carpet cleaner businesses in today’s day and age because of the accessibility of portable machines, so ensure that you hire someone that is certified to do the job the right way and with the right equipment. The very best method to do this is with a powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction system (abbreviated HWE), also known as steam cleaning or vapor cleaning. This will surely get you the best possible sanitized fast dry carpet cleaning available today, also to be recommended by the manufacturers of most carpeting called Shaw Industries.  Another tip in assisting you employ someone that is suitable for the task would be to check for legitimacy through a website and public reviews, and insurance coverage.

Cleaned And Sanitized Carpet

When performing regular cleaning, put the majority of your attention on the spots where most of the daily traffic occurs like in front of the sofa. These are typically the spots where you will find the most dirt, gunk and germs in when cleaning. Run over these areas a minimum of 2-3 times when vacuuming. Carpet material can stow away as much as a pound of dirt per sq ft of area on your floor space! Don’t automatically assume now that since your carpet looks clean that it does not need cleaning. Most stain-resistant carpet was manufactured to repel stains, but even though they resist stains well they still tend to hold onto plenty of dust and dirt.

Is There A Carpet Warranty Involved?

Make certain to show the company who will be cleaning your carpet what spots need special attention. Not all carpeting and spots react to the same treatment. Any difficult to clean areas from various different things like pet mishap discolorations (urine and pet food), discolorations from grease and synthetic coloring in food and spillages from beverages for example, will for sure require extra special item applications in order to successfully eliminate them due to the dye’s the manufacturer has added to them.

For times in between dry carpet cleaning services, ensure you have a no residue stain remover handy that has either been provided or recommended to you by a pro carpet cleaner. Make sure to apply it the way they recommended you to.  Do not use any products on your carpet that the professional cleaner didn’t recommend and that are not residue free.  Why?  Because, it is simply due to the fact that some store purchased cleaning chemicals have ingredients in their composition that will discolor the areas of carpet you use them on, and/or they will have the potential to set the stain making it almost impossible if not impossible to remove. It is necessary to be aware that making use of cleaning solvents and chems to clean your carpeting exposes your entire household to the exact same compounds.

Before working with a business to clean your carpets, guarantee that they have a strong track record. An excellent carpet cleaner will be connected to other different services they can recommend like interior designers, realtors and a handful of other sources that will certainly have the ability to make a more qualified recommendation. Ensure that the company has checked out completely to your liking before making that call.

Be Weary, The Low Priced Cleaning Offer In San Diego!

Beware Of The Rip Off Carpet Cleaning Scam Artist!

If you are looking for a professional carpeting cleaning business, you need to be very mindful about picking a carpet cleaner based solely on the lowest cost.  As the old saying would have it, “go cheap, get cheap” and it absolutely applies to the carpet cleaning world.  Let me elaborate.

How many of us out there have had a bad run-in with a low quality carpet cleaner or company in the past?  Most of the time it's their price that gets you.  And all you wanted was for somebody to come in to your home without any hassles or haggling and do your carpet some justice to leave you satisfied with awesome quality results, right?

Look... why continue to settle for cheap carpet cleaning? They promise you the same thing every time and you always end up getting soaked!  Normally, the company with the most affordable price will simply get inside your home and will certainly raise your price with extra expenses. 

Listen, here's their formula. They bait you with their special low price offer and tell you they'll give you all the quality services, and then you'll fall for it!  Then they victimize you by getting their foot in your door and begin to switch up pricing on you... telling you its going to be extra for this and that because the special was just for basic steam cleaning!  Now your under the gun to have to make a choice because you thought it was gonna be $39 bucks to get all of your carpet cleaned like they told you on the phone.  And after all that, they end up leaving your carpet soaked to have to dry for 3 or 4 days, plus all that sticky residue left behind that dries crunchy that will make u and your family sick!  You'll end up very dissatisfied, not to mention upset when you realize you ended up paying 2 or $300 bucks extra, because of all their extras!!!  Sounds quick and dirty to me lol!

Worst of it all is, the time to search for another carpet cleaner or company is upon you all over again and now you have anxieties in whether or not the next one is going to leave you disappointed like the last, because of your recent horrible rip off experience!  What you should do as a rule of thumb is to be careful of cheap ads that assure you the cleaning of numerous spaces for a very low cost.  Although they might be a great sounding deal, these advertisements will for sure bait you into using their service and will just provide very ill results.  A more extensive cleaning will usually cost more, but will usually be well worth the price!  It’s is imperative that consumers understand this as there is quality at stake.

In regard to your expensive furnishings you might want to move your furniture yourself in preparation for the arrival of the carpet cleaning company, but importantly have the necessary devices to prohibit furniture from making contact with wet carpet.  While some business do this complimentary, lots do charge a cost if you ask them to do it for you.  And, some “affordable” cleaning services don’t even go out of their way to go the extra mile for their customers.  As costly as carpet cleaning can be already, you don’t want to wind up with broken furniture that they most likely will not replace.  Always read the fine print on any discount coupon that you utilize from a carpet cleaning company.

Understanding that in order to keep your carpet looking beautiful, there will be a certain level of effort and attention that will need to be exerted.  Nevertheless, unless you put in the time to acquaint yourself with what is necessary to keep your carpet looking as new as the day you bought it, it may very well age according to the level of natural wear and tear faster than you wanted. With any luck, the preceding article has offered you the understanding you need to take the required steps in seeking out the most qualified carpet cleaner San Diego has to offer you.

Stop the vicious cycle of cheap, poor quality carpet cleaning and learn what true quality carpet cleaning means?  Learn more about what's happening on the carpet cleaning San Diego scene.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Steering Clear Of The Scam Artist Carpet Cleaner Pricing Techniques

Watch Out For Carpet Cleaning Price Changing Scams

Why do people continuously opt to be lured in by bait and switch carpeting cleaning all the time? These hack carpet cleaners or companies vow to do the same thing to you every single time.  When you answer their ads and call in for pricing, they tell you that everything is included in the pricing of the cleaning of all the carpets in your house for $99.  You assume it is going to be all the carpet because the deal says “whole house” right?  They go on to tell you not to worry and that their work is guaranteed.

But, doesn’t something click in a consumers mind that $99 for their whole house might not cut it?  What if the rooms or areas are too big?  What if my carpet is too dirty for the price they are offering?  Do I want and can I trust a company who is advertising a low ball price of $99 to be in my million dollar home?  What if they steal something?  What if they break something?  Do they have insurance?  What if they leave my friggin carpet soaking wet?  Do I want to be walking around on wet carpet for the next 4 days waiting for it to dry?  You have to ask yourself these kinds of questions sometimes.

Starting off with disappointment as they finally show up to your job 2 to 4 hours late without calling or giving you an ETA heads up, you see that the vehicle they came in is run down and they are in regular semi-beat up clothing and not in some type of uniform.  Then they have the audacity to tell you that they will not be able to honor the pricing that was quoted over the phone for some reason or another, usually because of the mark up that revolves around spots being extra, or so they say.  I will grant them that it is difficult to quote a price effectively over the phone.  That I will grant anyone who tries to quote a price over the phone.

How to Avoid Scam Carpet Cleaning Tactics

There is an ethical way to do it though, quoting a price over the phone.  Proper communication lacks in many carpet cleaning technicians.  It’s simply a matter of asking the right questions and providing your customers with an explanation as to how the pricing would go up and what would cause it to go up and that, that would be the only reason why it would go up and not over something unethical like all spots being extra or something.

Carpet cleaners that offer up some extra cheesy incentive to go with their service instead of their competition are a clear cut signal that a potential scam may be taking place.  They might offer you some type of free coupon for dinner or some movie tickets, demonstrating customer appreciation as a way to get your business.  Once they gain entry to your home is when the pressurized sales tactics begin!

They say that the advertised price was only for what’s known as traffic areas or lanes and not for any carpet outside of those areas.  Other carpet will be extra.  Sometimes, cleaning agents in order to clean your carpet with aren’t included in the price, so they claim.  So that’s when they begin to tell you that your carpet most likely won’t get cleaned right without it.  The elderly usually get hit the hardest with this type of scam.  You agree to allow them to clean and then the bill ends up costing you hundreds of dollars more than you were expecting.

Carpet cleaning should promote an ethical outlook about their business with company lettering or business advertising on their vehicles.  They should have some type of uniform on and they should learn an ethical approach to pricing so that consumers aren’t left disgusted with our industry.  More so, it is up to the consumer to ask the pertinent questions, essentially feeling out the various different carpet cleaning companies until they’ve found the right one that comes across as ethical.  Listen to they way they talk to you and answer your questions.  Are they trying to rush you or are they taking the time to listen to you and answer all your questions the right way?  Look into our service if you are in our area of operation.