Monday, May 23, 2016

No Residue Steam Carpet Cleaning: The Method Of Choice For Consumers In San Diego

Non Residue Carpet Cleaning: The Most Desired Cleaning Method For Carpets In San Diego

Zero-residue or no-residue carpet cleaning is one of the standards new to the carpet cleaning industry that has become popular and extremely sought after or desired by consumers in order to truly experience a real cleaning effect of not leaving any sticky residues from soap behind on flooring and upholstery fabrics.  If a company isn't cleaning zero residue style, they are not cleaning at max potential!

So, what is the process that doesn't allow any soap cleaning residue to be left behind on the carpet afterwards?

Well, the process is somewhat involved and requires a carpet cleaner to have substantially powerful and upgraded equipment revolving around the latest technology so that it provides them with the max amount of extraction possible.  More importantly, it also requires the carpet cleaner to have a thorough knowledge behind cleaning procedures, what cleaning solutions they need to use, how strong they need to be, and how much to apply on the carpet in preparation for the cleaning process.

A lot of times what many carpet cleaners or companies do is they don't pre-condition or pre-treat the carpet.  Instead, they combine their soap solution with the very water they need to be rinsing and flushing your carpet with.  So in essence, they are cleaning your carpet with full on soapy water and not rinsing it with fresh softened water.  This is exactly why your carpet dries flaky and crunchy, looks dingy, and gets dirty again quickly because the soapy residue they were supposed to rinse out completely ended up drying on your carpet!  And if you’ve ever experienced that type of carpet cleaning service where your carpet dries flaky and crunchy and smells like mildew after the fact, you’ll know that you got a raw deal and now you might have to be battling through a dry gunk that is now a part of your carpet…until your next professional carpet cleaning appointment.

True quality zero residue carpet cleaning is a professional step-by-step process that takes a little longer than 30 to 45 minutes!  Ever wonder why certain carpet cleaning companies you may have hired in the past only took that long??  I'm not bashing on anyone or any company but the short 30 to 45 minute long carpet cleaning sessions have everything to do with commissions and profits.  They pack you guys into their schedules like sardines so they can get as much money as quickly as possible, without any of the ethic, integrity, and honesty in mind that truly makes a company quality!  The quicker they clean your carpet, the dirtier it turns out and the less it truly gets cleaned.  That's not the quality formula for client retention.

Quality is what we provide our customers and clients and ethics are what fuels that.  Make no mistake about it, you will always get the very best, most thoroughly flushed, rinsed, and extracted cleaning possible with exceptionally fast dry times!  Drying carpet as fast as possible is the key here.  The technicians for the carpet cleaning company you hired should be getting your carpet as dry as possible, as soon as possible.  Why?  Because, liquid weighs a lot and when a technician loses control of it and allows it to seep down into the layers of carpeting beneath your actual carpet, then that is when the unsightly spots resurface or wick back up.  This is what hides the dirt and makes consumers believe that their carpet is clean now.  “Wow, all the spots are gone, I can’t believe it!”  Then 3 weeks later or even as long as 3 months later they start to reappear and then boom!, your disgusted and disappointed.  This is what leaves the bad taste in your mouth about our industry.  Hire a true quality professional today that won’t leave you with a soaking wet situation and tons of potentially dangerous soapy residue on your carpet for you to absorb through your skin and make you sick!

If you're in our area of operation, please feel free to schedule your zero residue San Diego steam carpet cleaning with us and prepare to feel truly satisfied with the results we provide you with.

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